Dating site in finland

Favourites among gays at present are ‘Planet Romeo’ or ‘Grindr’, while the largest forum in the Nordics for the LGBT community is the ‘Qruiser’ app. Their basic services are free of charge and they are based on a basic human need.

Juuso Puranen is writing his thesis on Tinder at the University of Jyväskylä.“Tinder is different in Finland than it is in the rest of the world, where proposals can be very direct.

The Tinder dating app for smartphones has gained a strong following in Finland among people looking for suitable matches in their local area.

A crew of competitors has popped up in the rest of the world, but in Finland, the free Tinder app has retained its leading position.

Both parties should have an opportunity to propose meeting.The dating scene on Tinder is much more innocent in Finland,” says Puranen.The online dating apps are based on global positioning.Without access to this information, users cannot use Tinder beyond a certain version.In March 2015, the company introduced another questionable practice, an age-related pricing system where users are required to pay more on a monthly basis depending on their age. In Australia an investigation found that with the help of a screenshot and Google Image search, people could easily find out the identity of Tinder users if their Facebook page wasn't secure.

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