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All together, the two aforementioned classes of farms were found to share 87 % of the country’s UAA and represented about 40 % of the population of holdings.

If the economic size is taken into account, the ranking looks different, as holdings specialised in dairying recorded the highest share (22.7 %) over the total SO in 2010.See detailed data for 20 Permanent grassland and meadow The land dedicated to permanent grassland and meadow covered by far the largest portion of agricultural area in 2010 (see Table 3).Pasture and meadow was the main component, as it accounted for 37.5 % of the British agricultural area in 2010: it actually gained 714 360 ha compared with 2000.To overcome this methodological issue and draft the present article, the 2000 values were filtered using the 2010 thresholds.Accordingly, the 2000 figures mentioned throughout this article and presented in the tables differ from the ones presented in the Eurostat online database.

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