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Ctrl Alt 6 didn't access terminal, so I couldn't do dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and don't know how to, otherwise.installed ubuntu-server on an epia system and just trying to install openssh-server.

It is now in the process of generating a DSA key and says this may take some time ...

how long would this normally take on a lo-powered mobo like this?

Don't know if it's hung or indeed just taking its time. Whenever I install a package, apt-get also tries to install an old package which was installed successfully, but which apt-get thinks wasn't installed.

There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !

info unrar-freeiamtheric: not even sure what I framebuffer is or how to use it.

and on one row it says about make install : "If you have already a system with ALSA init script, you should install just only modules via 'make install-modules' so that the existing init script won't be replaced." I have alsa installed now but older version. ok i need help i came in erler and asked if there was a way to get a gui on the server version and i was told yes and to type " sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" and it did not work what shuld i try nowtsoler: I agree with Flannel.

Installing kubuntu-desktop with synaptic will make it a pain to uninstall KDE should you not want it.

Fink (the software the link I sent you was about) is for Mac OS X. I had account setup and working and now all of a sudden he can't get in..just him but had others try to help with it... anyway, either Edgy or KDE 3.5.5 (not sure which one is responsible) has made most folders hidden by default in dialogs and file browsers.

if the current drivers work, i'd advice leaving them as they are. that the usplash still says "Kubuntu" doesn't really mean anything -- though you can change that if you wantxipietotec: maybe, and since i'm a kde user i'm probably biased - but i just don't understand it when people people run Gnome and then mainly use KDE programs, or vice versa for that matter.

if they don't, then there's still not much i'd be able to tell you, except for giving you a couple of pointers about kernel recompiling Hey- Question about flash 9 beta on edgy- I have tried a couple of tutorials, But both crash when I test it with youtube. if it's just a matter of looks, you can (easily) change the looks. I just did a fresh install of the Edgy beta (not the RC), I did an apt-get upgrade and now gnome seems to be broken...

Why anyone would want to do that, I don't know unless it is for learning purposes.brasko: not really, though it is not guaranteed to get security updates from the official ubuntu team.

You can read the specifics in the "components" wiki page ubotu should have linked you too, but most people end up enabling universe (and multiverse)" Basically, apt-get keeps trying and failing.

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