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Ice pellets have a diameter less than 5 millimeters.

To form, this type of precipitation requires an environment where raindrops develop in an atmosphere where air temperature is above freezing.

Over time species turnover favors plant species with longer life spans.

Relatively small and simple animals that have a rigid external skeleton, three body sections, three pairs of legs, and antennae.

Often icebergs form when ice calves from land-based glaciers into the water body.

Icebergs can be dangerous to shipping in high and mid-latitude regions of the ocean because 90 percent of their mass lies below the ocean surface. Ice pellets or sleet are transparent or translucent spheres of frozen water that fall from clouds.

These organisms are the most abundant group of eukaryotes on the Earth.

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Form in cracks that develop in the soil during winter because of thermal contraction.

Compare with indicator species, keystone species, and native species.

Soil order (type) of the United States Natural Resources Conservation Service Soil Classification System.

The now large crack fills with more liquid water and again it freezes causing the crack to enlarge.

This process continues for many cycles until the ice wedge reaches its maximum size.

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