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However, you can't just go at it quickly, you need to plan things out first.For example, you can decide what replaces what, similar to the following Ichigo; Follow the path of the Soul Reaper to defeat Fuse; Mission Handlers Tatsuki, Orohime, Uryu, Ichigo; Gear Obtained; Don Suit, Chad suit , Shinigami Robes , Quincy Robes, Hollow Armor, Captain Shinigami Robes Percy; Follow the path of the Gods to defeat Fuse; Mission Handlers Grover, Chiron, Percy, Thalia.I've seen a few stories like this, but they are all just lacking something if you ask me. Hence why I'm putting out this challenge You, the potential challenge taker, can create your own Fusionfall adventure.But this time, you can make it different from the original one, by using new characters.TStage 5; Naruto's chakra become red all the time, cannine teeth remain permanetely elongated, a fox tail grows on him flesh and blood Stage 6; He becomes the Kyuubi proper (However retaining the ability to transform back to his original form)By chance, he happens to catch Inari and Tsunami being attacked, and saves them, learning of the attack on the bridge, goes to save them.Saving his former team, begrudginely, he returns to Konoha, but what he doesn't realize is that his transformation also create strange pheromones waiving off him that affects females who are compatible with him.

The Kyuubi, who is female (MUST BE EXPLAINED WHY), tells him that she can save her, but both she and he must be willing to accept the consequences.Hinata; Sacrifice (A leader must be willing to sacrifice his life for his people)Kyuubi; Knowledge (A leader must have intelligence)Naruto, over the course of the fic, meets seven other, non OC females who can give him 7 other traits that can make him a fit leader and mates with them.To be specific, mating is a transfer of chakra (Sex is optional)If mated, a person1; Becomes emotionally attached to Naruto, and his other mates/ descendants, though if sexually for the others is your choice2; Gains a Hanyou Form (around Naruto and Hinata's shippuden age, older ones are de aged back to this period, though they retain skills and breast size)3; Gain access to the powers of those mates with (Eg, Naruto gains the Byukugan from Hinata, while she gains his chakra reserves)4; As a Hanyou, even when not in the form, one gains immortality aside for blade and poison, and all that junk of ways to kill non naturally Females recommended; Mei, Fu, Yugito, Shion, Females discouraged from using; Sakura, Yuugao, mothers, males turned females (Haku exception), Female tailed beasts Bashings are at ones volition, recommend rating M, avoid overly dark Naruto's, lemons and limes optional, No Yaoi, message if you take it Instead of the Lost Hero and Gaia, and all that jazz, a revival of war between Greece and Rome starts up.The beast, itself restrained by the seal from his father, cannot fight back The change manifests itself in several stages (You choose how their activated and space out)Stage 1; Increase in Chakra and physical abilities. Stage 2; Increase in intelligence, increased ability to learn Jutsu, begins to sense negative emotions Stage 3; Naruto's eyes become red permanetely.His emotions become more violate Stage 4; Naruto's hair grows longer, ears become fox ears.

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