Updating iptc content in photographs who is richie mccaw dating

It is also compatible with i Tunes and enables browsing your albums by location (i Pod Touch, i Phone and i Pad).PIE provides a powerful editor for IPTC data, including hierarchical keyword management.PIE, however, contains the most extensive Makernote database on the market.With one single tool, you can review pictures with all the metadata from almost any camera.PIE is also a sophisticated file renaming utility that takes into account the extracted metadata to rename picture files keyed to the date and time as well as other photo information.This is handled by a filename mask which can be customized easily.

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Understand digital camera functions and analyze shutter, flash use, aperture, zoom position, quality settings and more.

A life saver in digital photography is the ability to adjust the date/time picture taken (EXIF date/time).

You can either set a fixed date or increase/decrease the time parameters by any number.

No more hassle with all the DSC00and IMG00on your computer.

Define one filename format and apply it to all photos, inclusive the ones that you get from others with different cameras.

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