Wwii japanese sex camps americans dating israelis

Why do you think the supposed “Evil Mc Carthyism” of the 1950’s is such a favorite topic for Hollywood movies and PC talk?Because it was the lousy Jews getting exposed, that’s why.That’s from 1914 to 1918, for all those who failed World History. Because some of their Talmudic religious people said that 6 million Jews would have to be a “burnt sacrifice” before the “nation of Israel” can come back into existence. This is why the crematoria and body burning stuff figures so prominently in the holocaust legend.It is readily apparent that insanely rich Global Zionist forces have subscribed to this belief system, and have used it to justify their actions in stealing Palestine from the people who lived there, even though they had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any so-called “holocaust.” Here, look at THIS LINK.Considering what some people have gone through over this long ago historical period, I would think you could at least spend a lousy few minutes reading a little on the subject, or maybe watching a short video or two.WHAT THE ABOVE graphic basically says is that the whole bit about “industrial gassing” and the 6 million number is a crock of bull defecation.

All the camps had special rooms built to “delouse” the inmate’s clothing and suitcases before storage.

Second reason: Back during WWII, the Jewish propaganda organs for America and Britain had been busy jacking up our countries left and right on how evil Hitler was (as you can see, the Jew propaganda over this guy is still going strong to this day).

They had to continue the justification for the war, especially after all the dead American GI’s (about 418,000, virtually all White Gentile men), the horrific killing of between 600,000 and one million German civilians by aerial bombing and why we just happened to be allies of the murderous Communists (who would now assume the role of boogieman so the military/industrial complex and banker Jews could further milk our tax dollars until something new came along).

But the Zionist-manipulated US government had him arrested and deported back to Germany where the Zionist power structure in control of Germany, too, had him thrown into the slammer. And he isn’t the only one who had this sort of thing happen to him, either.

Threatened with jail in his native Germany (just for saying the above — think about that), Rudolf fled to America for political asylum, married an American citizen and had a child over here.

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